‚Äč iGoSafely Personal Safety app to prevent Violence before it Happens
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  • Install the Free iGoSafely Mobile Application on your Android Smartphone

    As a personal security alarm and emergency contact notification tool.

  • Add one or more Emergency Contact

    To be notified by Email or SMS if you activate your alarm.

  • Enable the phone's Standalone GPS Services

    So that your position can be reported to your emergency contacts in the event of an alarm.

  • Finally, just plug in your headphones and arm the alarm whenever you are in need

    Simply unplugging the headphones will automatically sound the alarm and notify your emergency contacts.

* iGoSafely is a Personal Security Alarm Application, and can be used to report your position to your emergency contacts in the event of an emergency, but only if your mobile phone has an accurate GPS fix and an active data connection. iGoSafely should never be used in place of common sense and all due care, and unsafe areas and scenarios should be avoided at all times. iGoSafely can not make any guarantees that the application will function properly in the event of an emergency, due to a large number of conditions that are beyond the control of the iGoSafely team, such as your mobile devices battery strength, signal, data connection, and GPS accuracy. iGoSafely should only be used as an enhancement to the care and caution that one should always exhibit every day. iGoSafely requires a data plan or internet connection in order to function.

** SMS message fees may be applied by your mobile service provider.

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